TriNet is a cloud-based professional employer organization for small and medium-sized businesses.


I was apart of the team at TriNet that re-designed and enhanced the overall product experiences.  I designed the site-wide style guide, defined user task flow, created wireframes, prototypes & mocks for hundreds of pages across the whole platform.  We used oriented tactics (such as A/B testing) to drive design strategy.

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Style Guide


TriNet has been re-using and building upon an design system which was designed in the early 2000's, my goal was to move away from outdated broken design system and re-imagine how the whole product looks and works.  At the same time when the initiative for designs was on the way, engineering was updating all the products tech-stacks to reflect the most current tech-stacks (Angular 6, etc..).  I saw this as an opportunity for design & development to understand each other and build an relationship.  Our design team at TriNet consist of 3 designers (including my self), I made sure we kept consistent conversations opened between the teams and made sure we were collaborating on making the overall product better.


Since TriNet did not have an existing design culture and many colleagues (Product managers & engineers) were new to working with designers, we strategize and made an plan on how to design as an team.  While designing we collaborated with product managers to understand the product and the issues of users and how to improve the overall experince, as well we would bring engineering into the conversation to get an technical perspective on the issues.  TriNet had an strong timeline on getting the overall product re-designed, so to save time majority of our wire-framing was done on whiteboards with the team.

Admin Designs
Admin Designs

Report Designs
Report Designs


There are hundreds of more designs apart of my design effort at TriNet and a huge story of my adventure on this project.  To consolidate this page, I went through some of the pin-points and an few designs through out the whole platform.