Monitoring search trends in Cryptocurrency


CryptoAim is an personal project I designed/developed within 1 week.  I feel that search trends give valuable insights to cryptocurrencies such as bubbles, price spikes and more, so I developed cryptoaim to allow users to monitor the data.

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Developed Web Application


I had an good idea on the design of the website, I gained lots of inspiration from designs on Dribbble, Behance and more. One crucial point is, I needed to design is within the parameter of what I can develop, so I based my designs on Bootstrap & Material design components.  I skipped the wire-framing stage to save time and dove right into the high-fidelities. 


After designing up the high-fidelities I went right into development, I used Bootstrap as my foundation to develop the UI and used 2 different API's to obtain data of the different cryptocurrencies. The API's I used were Coinmarketcap API & Google trends API. Development took 4 days to completion and I was very happy with the results.