Grata Data

Elevated competitive monitoring and market mapping.


GrataData is an small start-up based out of Boston, MA.  I contracted for GrataData as an lead designer for 2 months in the summer of 2017.  My main goal was to re-design their website to gain more attraction & better user-experiences.  I worked very closely with the 2 founders to design a conversion-oriented experince that increased page views. 

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GrataData came to me with an few wireframes and many examples on what they want to accomplish.  Based on all the information I decided to start wire-framing the structure of the website to gain alignment on the best direction. This helped me get clarification on exactly where GrataData wanted to go.  I designed 3 different wire-frames until GrataData found what they love.  

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Final Designs

In the final designs we went with an creative & serious design, but friendly and easy-going.  GrataData lives in an industry which can feel very corporate and bland. My aim was to break that barrier with an creative website. 

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Product Page

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Company Page