News Digest

News Digest provides a way for users to quickly read high trending news without being overwhelmed by the amount of articles available online. 20 Articles are released a day, 10 in the morning edition and 10 in the evening edition. News Digest pulls the top ranking stories from the web and deliver the stories to the readers in snackable portions.


Users want to be caught up on the latest news but become easily overwhelmed by the amount of resources and articles online. Like the “Netflix affect” they quickly get fatigued and bail.


By controlling the amount of articles and pulling content from user’s relevant interests, personalized social media channels and trends, this gives users a set of easily consumable digests. Having a timed release of day and night editions also enables users to create a predictable habit in their lifestyle routine instead of being intrusive.


It took several rounds of iterations to distill the experiences down to the core flows and screens.


Browse & Read

News Digest is based on daily and bi-daily releases (morning and evening editions). Compelling imagery and articles are catered to readers as they experience the app and dive into articles.

Selected News Articles

Ten articles are assembled for each edition during the day. They are top ranking or trending news pulled from multiple online sources and also through user’s social channels. On sign-in, users are encouraged to link social accounts, select topics of interest and preferred resources to create a more personalized and accurate experiences.